Black Widow Web Design Ltd. is a Full Member of the Association of Independent Computer Specialists (AICS) — a trade association dedicated to setting and maintaining high technical and ethical standards for computer-related services to members’ clients.

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Code of Practice

  1. AICS members will not misrepresent their experience or capabilities and will carry out any work undertaken to the best of their ability.
  2. AICS members will divulge any relevant commercial interests they may have when recommending services or items of hardware or software.
  3. AICS members will not start work for a client until clear terms have been agreed, preferably in writing.
  4. AICS members will accept full responsibility for any work that they sub-contract.
  5. AICS members will make all reasonable endeavours to see each and every job they start through to the agreed conclusion.
  6. AICS members will, at the request of a client, agree to submit any dispute to a mediator appointed by the AICS Council.
  7. AICS members will ensure that the ownership of any intellectual property rights that might arise from work for a client is made clear to the client before that work starts.
  8. AICS members will not disclose any confidential information about a client’s business to a third party without first obtaining the client’s express permission to do so.
  9. AICS members will give a copy of this Code of Practice to every prospective client at the time of quotation