BiteSize was developed by Black Widow Web Design Ltd. who have been building successful web sites since 2001.

We specialise in providing web services to businesses, communities and social enterprises. We develop standards compliant sites that combine high web accessibility levels with effective design — without compromising on looks or corporate image.

However, a completely bespoke site is often out of the reach of smaller businesses or start-ups. Nor can smaller businesses always afford to return to a web design company every time they need a change made. So we came up with BiteSize — a system that we can implement quickly and effectively and, thus, keep your costs down. And since you will be adding and changing the content on your own site, you don’t have to worry about ongoing costs.

BiteSize uses a customised state-of-the-art semantic publishing platform to produce high quality sites without compromising on looks or professional standards.

The system is designed to assist you in creating, and maintaining, your site so that you can publish your content to the Web quickly and effectively.

We think it’s the very best solution for publishing small quality web sites at the lowest possible cost.

We like it so much that we used it to create this site!