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Mouseless Browsing: new version

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The latest version of the Firefox plugin ‘Mouseless Browsing’ (version0.4.1) is available from the author’s web site.

Thus far, it seems to work well in Firefox 1.5 although there are some features that you should be aware of.

In Firefox 1.5, you can switch the focus to a specific tab by pressing the CTRL and a number (0-9). The Mouseless Browsing plugin over-rides this default behaviour in order to provide access to the ids it applies to links on a page. So, if you have the plugin installed, you will need to use “0″ + the tabnumber (1-9), to switch tab focus instead.

However, you can now configure a mode in which the ids are only visible on demand, i.e. they do not automtically appear after the page is loaded but only after you have pressed your Mouseless Browsing configured shortcut key. The toggling on, or off, of the ids is also now persistent – i.e. the actual state is restored after restarting Firefox.

I’m looking forward to using this plugin again.

Published: May 28th 2006