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An Alternative Colour Contrast Analyser

Filed under: Accessibility, Scripting

contrast.jpgFollowing my comments in Does W3C Get Its Contrasts Wrong?, I decided to develop an alternative colour contrast analyser that took into account some of the points I’d raised.

As well as using the W3C thresholds, it uses the Hewlett Packard Color Difference threshold which, at 400, is 20% lower than the corresponding W3C figure. It also provides a ‘high contrast warning’ if the colour difference exceeds 600. This latter figure is really just a guess on my part, so I’d be interested in any concrete evidence that might help provide a better threshold for dyslexics.

I’ve also been doing some more fine tuning to the Low Contrast style sheet on Black Widow. Since this sheet has been developed with dyslexics in mind, I’ve implemented coloured backgrounds to break down the more complex menus. I’m also looking at something similar for the main content. Perhaps adding some coloured backgrounds on the heading tags to, again, try to break the page down visually?

Published: October 6th 2006