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W3C Universal Validator

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The goal of the Unicorn Project is to create a universal validator that will be able to validate and check multiple quality aspects of a document through a single Web interface.

As well as developing Web Standards, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) also provides online tools and services to check that content published on the Web follows these specifications, as well as a number of other tools to improve the global quality of Web sites. The most popular are the Markup Validator, CSS Validator and Link Checker.

Whilst these services are useful, it is often cumbersome for developers to use them individually. The Unicorn Project aims to provide the big picture about the quality of a Web page by gathering the results of all these tools into a single page.

Unicorn does not replace each individual validator. Instead it intends to unify them and increases their usability by providing a one-step check for the many facets of Web Quality and Web Standards Conformance.

The project is now seeking feedback and Unicorn is available for testing at http://qa-dev.w3.org/unicorn. Bear in mind that this is a temporary placement and subject to change. The development team hope to move it into production in the near future.

Published: October 9th 2009