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Eclipse Internet

Published: March 12th 2008

I have the singular misfortune of developing and maintaining a web site for a client whose site is hosted with Eclipse Internet – a company whose corporate byline is “Share the experience“. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d “share” my experience of trying to run a business web site hosted by Eclipse with […]

Support And Educate

Published: October 5th 2007

Grant Broome has recently expressed some reservations over the suggestion that site developers abandon text-sizing widgits in favour of educating users instead. He’s worried that this approach is overly biased Personally, I don’t see this discussion as particularly biased. More of a natural maturing within the web accessibility development sector. For years, we’ve been aware […]

Yahoo Make A Boob?

Published: September 20th 2007

Having created an excellent video demonstrating how JAWS work with web sites, Yahoo then seem to have shot themselves in the foot by simultaneously using a graphical CAPTCHA on their form for new account registrations. Unlike some of the more sympathetic CAPTCHAs, this one doesn’t even offer any form of audio support. As a result, […]

WCAG 2.0 And Testability

Published: June 27th 2007

I’ve just been reading Gian Sampson-Wild‘s article Testability Costs Too Much on A List Apart,=. she has raised an issue regarding the impact of testability upon the decision to include, or omit, some success criteria. It certainly makes for slightly disturbing reading. I’ve had some vague feelings on unease about WCAG2.0 for a while now. […]

Web Accessibility Statements And User Support

Published: May 23rd 2007

My attention was recently caught by a post from Rosie Sherry called Showing web accessibility statements the door. In this post, Rosie wondered if perhaps web accessibility statements were being taken too far? She felt that, in general, accessibility statements were: Too long Technically orientated Focused on displaying of adherence to standards

There’s No Such Thing As A Magic Bullet

Published: January 22nd 2007

ITPro are currently hosting a Reuters’ article entitled “Websites must be accessible to disabled, firms told” that contains a somewhat inaccurate statement. Namely: “It’s the silver bullet,” IMRG’s Chief Executive James Roper told Reuters. “Put this little button on your site and suddenly you are legal.” The ‘it’ being referred to is apparently (and once […]