What is a Domain Name?

Imagine that everybody in the world used their telephone number instead of their name. If names didn't exist, you'd be forced to invent them, as remembering strings of numbers is terribly difficult.

Most computers connected to the Internet don't have names - they have numbers, so domain names were invented to try and make life a little easier.

Every Internet address is registered under a top level domain name such as .com (commercial), .uk (United Kingdom) or .net (Internet-related organisations). You'll find these letters at the extreme right-hand end of any domain name.

.com is pronounced dot-com.
.net is pronounced dot-net.
.uk is pronounced dot-you-kay etc etc

The middle part of the Internet address is called the sub-domain. This is the part of the name that you can choose. The top domain and sub-domain together make up what people call a domain name.

Possible reasons for registering a Domain Name

  1. Domain names can be used to establish a unique identity on the Internet

  2. Domain names build credibility on the Web.

  3. Domain names produce a feeling of professionalism

  4. Domain names are portable

  5. Domain names can be used to give yourself a unique, permanent email address.

  6. Domain names can improve your promotion chances and therefore your site's 'visibility' on the Web.

  7. Domain names can be more memorable.