New Line

The <br /> tag is used when you want to end a line, but don't want to start a new paragraph. The <br /> tag forces a line break wherever you place it.

Unlike most of the other tags, <br /> has no closing tag so the closing '/' has been combined into the opening tag to make a composite, or empty, tag.

Have a look and see how it works:

<title>My First Page</title>
<h1>Welcome to My Page!</h1>
<h3>This is my very first web page.</h3>
<p>Not bad for a first attempt.<br />
I can also introduce line breaks</p>
<p><strong>This is bold
<p><em>This is italic text</em></p>
<p><strong><em>This is bold, italic,

Note: The <br /> tag is an INLINE ELEMENT which means that it must always be used inside a pair of BLOCK ELEMENT tags (such as <p></p> or similar)!

Comments in HTML

You can add comments to your HTML Markup. These can be useful when your page becomes very large or complex and you need to insert small markers to remind you what each part of the markup is for.

You can insert a comment by starting it with a <!-- and ending the comment with a -->

Anything between these two comment markers will not be displayed by a web browser

<!-- This is a comment -->