WordPress FAQ

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the largest, self-hosted, content management tool in the world and is used on millions of sites across the globe. The application itself is free and uses a simple online interface to help people create and maintain web sites or blogs. To run WordPress, all you need is a domain and web hosting that offers both PHP and MySQL support

Once WordPress is installed on your domain, the only tools you need are a web browser and an Internet connection to manage your site. If you have ever used a word processor, then you will find WordPress’ editing interface reassuringly familiar.

What is a theme?

A theme is a collection of files that work together to produce the functionality and graphical display for a WordPress blog or site.

What is a Child theme?

A WordPress Child theme relies upon a Parent theme to provide basic site functionality. Meanwhile any customisations are stored in the Child. This both protects the Parent theme and allows it to be updated without impacting on any Child customisation.

Are your themes compatible with WordPress plugins and widgets?

All of our themes are developed according to the guidelines published by wordpress.org and should be compatible with most plugins & widgets that have been developed using the same guidelines. However, there are thousands of plugins available for WordPress and not all of them have been coded to the same standard. So we can’t guarantee that plugins from elsewhere won’t cause the odd problem.

Where can I find WordPress tutorials?

We also offer remote WordPress training. Please contact us for details.

Can I remove the design credits?

We support open source development. So, if you are using one of our themes (custom or otherwise), it is yours to change, or amend, in any way that you choose.

Are any stock photos included?

The only graphics provided are those used within the theme’s design – not its content. However, you can download royalty-free stock photos from resources such as Freeimages

What software do you suggest for editing photos?

GIMP and Inkscape. Both are free to download and use.