Web Accessibility

Since May 2002, all web sites within the UK should comply with the Code of Practice issued by the Disability Rights Commission in relation to the UK Equality Act (the Disability Discrimination Act in Northern Ireland). Other countries have similar anti-discrimination legislation that covers web sites.

Many people believe that the best way to ensure that their site is accessible is to build a text only website or a text-only version of their graphic site.


It is perfectly possible to build a great looking, site that is accessible to everyone. In fact, all of Black Widow’s sites are built with accessibility in mind and we think they all look pretty good!

As experts in this field, we can highlight accessibility issues within your existing site or assist you in building a new site. However, our role is not to simply to identify the problems but to help you find practical solutions — both short and long term — that will allow you to develop a more accessible and effective web site.

Black Widow’s Web Accessibility Services

By making your site accessible to the millions of people affected by disabilities, you can increase your customer base. We can provide:

  • Site design & development in accordance with accessibility guidelines.
  • Expert reviews of existing sites.
  • Assistance when procuring accessible site management solutions.
  • Site usability testing support.
  • Recommendations for increasing your site’s overall accessibility & performance levels.

We are completely independent and do not sell hardware or managed services — thus ensuring that our clients only get the very best impartial advice. As experts in this field, we can assess your site for its accessibility levels and provide you with a full report detailing any serious issues. Our report will also include recommendations for actions designed to significantly increase your site’s overall accessibility and performance levels.